agos- (*hege-)

agos- (*hege-)
    agos- (*hege-)
    English meaning: fault, sin, *blood guilt
    Deutsche Übersetzung:“Fehl, Schuld, Sũnde”
    Material: O.Ind. ǘgas- n. “offence, injury, sin, fault”, change by ablaut with Gk. ἄγος “ heavy guilt, blood guilt “; O.Ind. ánügas-, Gk. ἀναγής “ innocent, guiltless “ ; ἀγής, ἐναγής “ curses “, ἄγιος μιαρός. O.E. acan, ōc “hurt” (Eng. ache), N.Ger. äken “ hurt, fester, dent, blow “, M.Du. akel “grief, wrong, pity”, nFris. akelig, aeklig “ wretched, vehement “. Maybe nasalized Alb. (*ángas) nëkónj, Gheg angój “groan, sigh, complain of pain, evil” (*enq-); prove the link between Root agos- : [fault, guilt, blame, sin (damage, injury, sacrilege, evil)] and Root enq-, onq- : (to sigh, groan) [see below]
    Note: It is possible Root agos- (*hege-): “fault, sin, *blood guilt” is a zero grade of Lat. sangue “blood”, Alb. gjak “blood” see Root s(u̯)ekʷo-s : ‘sap, pitch, *blood”.
    References: WP. I 38.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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